Thursday, August 11, 2011

Online Dating; Why Do Men Lie?

Some men lie because they are very insecure with their manhood and feel that hiding behind a computer they can be whomever they wish to be,..well, isn't that just peachy! Hey, swell guys, BUT do you not stop to think about all of the consequences? You do realize that sometime, eventually you have to meet with woman and they'll see that you may not at all be the man in the photo, or perhaps it was you 10 or even 20 years ago when you were 20 pounds lighter and had hair and all of your teeth! WHY LIE??

Well, a few rather obvious answers occur to me, right from the get-go:

1. If they are extremely insecure with who they are and they already know they will only ever have a shot with intellectually impaired or really desperate women.

2. They assume you're also lying about obvious verifiable things like, say, your weight, etc.
That way, when you finally meet up, you can realize you're made for each other.

3. Your profile states that you're looking for "long term", so you only want to date guys who have no problem with commitment. (Naturally, of course, this means that they will be married, so they've told you the lie about their height to distract you from that little "detail" for a while.)

4. He's the type who always "plays it safe" and assumes that you'll be a goddess. What if you aren't a goddess in his eyes? Oh they'll find every excuse under the sun to get out of this date so be sure you order high on the hog on that menu because rest assured, you'll never see this one again!

5. Some guys look like old fat asses and expect super model/arm candy babes. Now who fell off the turnip truck? The only men that look awful and get away with hottie gals are sugar daddies and they have the bucks so they can wave their money and think it's going to talk their way through anything...listen ladies, here's my response to this. My friend Cindy always says "If you can't picture yourself kissing him, you've got no business being with him!" Sorry gals, money or no money...I can't do it. If you can, and it is only for money, I feel sorry for you. That must be awful having to do such a thing?

6. Why do men lie through their teeth about weight, looks and their height more often than not and get really pissed if you bent the truth just a "tad." If you are 5'5 don't say that you are 5'8 or 5'10. My ex husband was 5'8 so I know what the height is and where a man who is that height comes to on me. I clearly do not want a man shorter than myself. Period....end of discussion, so for me when someone lies about that I get upset.

It's insulting because it makes a person feel like they just fell off the turnip truck and smacked their nugget...Listen, unless you gentlemen are Rico Suave and look like him too...back off. Unless you live in a glass house, do not cast stones on a women with slight imperfections! Who are you do judge anyone? You had to lie about your profile! My grandmother used to say that if a man has to lie about his income, social status and looks you can rest assure he's got a small penis and will lie about that too!

My Question: Why lie about stuff that when you meet, it will be clear as the nose on your face that you lied? (I must have skipped the chapter about lying in the "everything you need to know about males but were afraid to ask!")

Here's what I have to say... don't lie about your looks, if you don't like them do something about it, but for goodness sakes, be honest, show a true photo of yourself, that way you are allowing a woman the opportunity to make up her own mind and her own decisions regarding if she wants to meet and get to know you. So..... Cut the crap....get real and tell her what she needs to hear, not what you think she wants to hear!

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  1. Some men, make excuses to ditch girls, just like women do. For me, I wouldn't settle for this kind of men, they're actually a pain in the ass if you get involve with them for a long time. After all there are plenty of fish in the sea. You can still find a better person and be happy in a relationship.

  2. Michele, although I am a man, I did enjoy reading this article. You are correct ma'am, men can be real jerks.

    Ted L
    Chicago, IL